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The Infinity DISH Mission Statement and QUEST

Quality, Understanding, Enthusiasm, Service, and Teamwork—our mission is an ever-continuing QUEST to improve performance and achieve excellence using these principles.

We provide Quality training and a cooperative working environment, where employees gain a deep Understanding of how they can improve their results and exceed the goals they set for themselves.

The supportive Corporate Culture means employees feel genuine Enthusiasm for their work, which rubs off on co-workers and customers alike. At Infinity DISH, the ideal of Service reigns supreme and we encourage employees to foster a helpful, service-oriented mentality whether dealing with customers or co-workers.

Our commitment to Teamwork creates the synergy of a combined effort, which accomplishes more than the isolated efforts of separate individuals.

Infinity DISH strives to promote open communication about work processes and unity within the company. We value our reputation for being a great place to work and seek to preserve it through respect, training, involvement, recognition, reward, security, and advancement opportunities.

We're proud to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the Boca Raton area. If you have a winning attitude and want to become part of a winning team, check out our Current Openings now.

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